Nothing says more about you than the company you keep. When it comes to St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin, our customers speak on our behalf. Here is a series of comments either submitted to us or taken from review websites over the past couple of years. These are not “professional” cuisine critics working for newspapers, radio and TV stations. The comments here are from everyday people -- just like you and me -- looking for what Pete Zotos refers to as “big, honest food” served by friendly folks in a relaxed atmosphere.

Lauren Useda-mouthful-Law

I’ve known Pete a long time, since our S.M.U days. Whenever I get downtown, I always stop by to see him and enjoy his family recipe, of Bennos Pasta Salad or his famous and delicious Dancing Tuna Sandwich. I always feel at home at St. Pete’s. Every single time he sees me he says, “You-said-a-mouthful (my maiden name was Useda), and that always makes me chuckle. Pete’s good people.  Oh and my son loves watching sports at St. Pete’s and eating the delicious, juicy burgers-L. Law

Trey “Rock Man” Brown

Pete’s a good friend and we love hanging with him. I brought the rocks that are out front. Do you know what the rocks represent?

-Trey Brown & Family,



Viking & Man’s Best Friend

I did my job interview here 12 years ago…it became my other office.  Come on down.


I luvvvv laying on the patio at Pete’s and every once in a while Viking tosses me a treat. Luv them fries!